Is Undeniable London jewellery waterproof?

Yes. Our jewellery is 100% water, sweat and heat proof

This means you can wear it in showers, baths, pools, sea or even workout wearing it and not worry about a thing!

Does Undeniable London jewellery fade or change colour?

No. Our jewellery will never fade, tarnish or lose its colour. 

All jewellery is coated using PVD vacuum coating technology, this prevents scratches and any possible fading.

Can your jewellery cause green skin or rashes?

No. All our jewellery has been tested multiple times to ensure all compounds are hypo-allergenic.

This means that our jewellery will never cause any form of green skin or rashes - which is caused by cheap jewellery made from zinc or copper.

Is Undeniable London jewellery plated with real gold?

Yes. Our jewellery is plated with 5 microns of Genuine 18 Karat Gold.

We use ion-bonding technology to ensure that our jewellery is 100% scratch and water-resistant.

Do Undeniable London items come with a Lifetime Guarantee?

Yes. All our jewellery is guaranteed for LIFE. Undeniable will replace or repair the item should you ever experience any issues.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from our warehouse in the UK.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to all countries worldwide.