Guide to Jewellery For Men - 2022

Jewellery is about what you gravitate towards and connect with.

You don’t need to overthink it. 

That’s what's special about jewellery, you can wear it for years and have a lot of different experiences and memories with it.

It goes through a lot with you and essentially becomes part of you.

To help guide you with your next jewellery buy, h
ere's a breakdown of how men can style jewellery:

Chains and Pendants

Go for something that feels personal and can be worn both on top of your shirt or tucked in.

Chains and Pendants are the ultimate style enhancer for any outfit. They will transform your look, and give you the confidence you're looking for...

However, avoid thick diamond-cut chains. The iced-out look can be tricky for guys to pull off, so go for something a bit more unique and minimal.

You’ll still stand out and look like a boss.

A great way to layer is to start with a 50cm Chain and then layer a 53/54cm Chain over this (With or without a Pendant).

This will complement your t-shirt or jumper and draw attention to the chest.


The Bracelet trend used to be very thick kinds of leather or metals.

But now, we’ve moved towards minimal, refined bracelets that a guy can easily layer or wear on it's own.

When it comes to wearing more than one bracelet, it’s best to look at it as a balancing equation.

A stylish bracelet shines on it’s own, but if you want to go a little bolder with your look, make sure the combination isn’t too distracting or heavy.

Nothing that’s too overwhelming or looks like an ‘arm party’.


The best rings are the lightweight, minimal stunners that you might even forget you’re wearing...

Except for when the compliments roll in from onlookers.

If you’re wearing a signet ring, It looks amazing on its own, and there’s no need to add to it. But if your style vibe is a bit bolder, you can possibly add one more to that hand, but definitely not more than two rings. ‘Less is more’ should always be the rule.

Whatever jewellery you choose, and no matter how you decide to wear it...

It’s important to go for something that you truly love and will wear daily with ease.

A piece of jewellery captures the journeys, adventures, and big moments of your life, taking on sentimental value that’s priceless.

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